There's something for everyone in VFairs.

YOU - the organization behind setting up the virtual event, its logistics, operations and marketing. The stakeholder responsible for event success.


Institutions you invite to your events to host stalls & booths. These could be companies, vendors or other organizations that want to showcase an offering.


The Audience. The people you want to attract to your events to interact with exhibitors and actively participate in discussions.

Create a virtual world that delights your audience.

Take control of your online venue and host it the way you want to.

  • The Lobby – where visitors walk into after logging in.

  • The Information Desk – your reception booth with all the answers.

  • The Gallery – walk around the hall and window-shop for interesting booths.

  • The Booth – learn more about the organization/service in the booth view.

Deliver an amazing mobile experience.

Research shows over 40% of traffic on online events come from a mobile device.
Worry not, vFairs has you covered.

Hit the ground running with our choice of readymade templates.

You don't have to be a designer to come up with a beautiful design for your virtual event. The platform comes with a whole assortment of cool templates you can use for your exhibitor booths. No need to reinvent the wheel - just browse, pick and get started.

Brand it. Color it. Own it.

We help you customize the design of your virtual environment from the reception stage to individual booths to reflect your or your exhibitor's branding with great attention to detail. Use logos, images, colors and fonts etc. of your choosing to decorate the virtual venue the way you want it.

Keep it all under your domain.

It's your event, so it's only natural to give customers your address. Although we handle all the technical voodoo that goes on behind the curtain, the URL of the event can be whatever you choose e.g. link it to your existing website or perhaps choose a dedicated domain URL just for the event.

3rd-Party Integrations? We make it happen.

The vFairs platform is designed to accommodate third-party integrations easily, especially single sign-on services. Your account manager will work with you to get your requirements and ensure your virtual event works seamlessly with any integration you require.

Need to add your own bells & whistles? Talk to us!

Got a crazy idea that you think will raise the bar of your event? Just talk to us - we are very open to application level customizations and are more than happy to offer advice based on our own experience.

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Super-charge your event with engagement tools.

Break virtual barriers by allowing exhibitors & visitors to interact and share ideas.

Bring the floor to life with text, audio and video chat.

Our intuitive instant messaging system allows exhibitors and visitors to interact with each other via text and audio chat . The functionality allows both one-on-one and group conversations, thus allowing for meaningful discussions.

Allow Exhibitors to deliver amazing Webinars.

Our step-by-step guide tools help exhibitors to create stunning webinars which can be hosted live or made available on-demand by visitors even after the event is over. Exhibitors can now enjoy greater control in delivering their webinars and drive higher levels of visitor engagement using social media integration


Our studies show that over 40% of traffic on virtual events of any kind come through a mobile device. That figure is only growing, making the mobile experience absolutely critical for success for events hosted online. Thus, vFairs offers a mobile-friendly version for every event, packing it with interaction tools to ensure mobile visitors remain equally engaged and productive.


The mobile experience comes with a comprehensive chat application, allowing mobile visitors to interact seamlessly with exhibitors. This affords visitors even more flexibility as they can keep communicating even when they are on the move. Furthermore, the chat experience is intuitive and familiar, allowing visitors to focus on the conversation, rather than figuring out how it all works.

Measure the impact of your virtual events.

Get real-time access to key stats and metrics to understand event performance.

Measure the Reach of your event in real-time

Our Detailed Visitor Reporting provides real-time reports on all exhibitors and visitors. This includes trend and behavioral analysis in terms of content consumed , site-traffic , booth-traffic and much more.

Understand the ROI of your event with detailed metrics.

After the event, understand key metrics like registration volume, unique and total visits, downloaded content etc. Utilize all this information not only to measure your ROI, but also garner insights to make your next event even more engaging.

Get delightful Customer Support from start to finish

Our Customer Support is not about canned responses. It's a personalized advisory service that will do whatever it takes to make your event a success.

The Dedicated Event Manager who will be there through thick and thin

Once you sign up, a dedicated event manager will assist you with all aspects of your virtual event. The account manager will be with you from day one to plan the event and provide a smooth and successful run. They even have a knack of running that extra mile to ensure every detail of your event is handled just the way you want to make it a roaring success.

We do this for a living. Our entire experience is at your disposal.

Having managed over a 100 virtual events, we happen to know a thing or two about how to make these events a success. Besides the technical setup, our seasoned professionals can offer handy advice in planning, marketing, monetizing and operating the event too (check our Services). We will even let you in to a few tricks and tips that we've picked up on the way ;)

People love us. and so will you
We'll let our clients do all the talking for us.
During the virtual fair we have had more than 26,000 visits to our booth. We are delighted at the resounding responses we have received from Virtual Career Fair.
Mr. Rick Helliwell , Vice President - Recruitment Emirates Group
Most important thing is that one can actually participate in the job fair from the comfort and of his home or office; which saves time, effort and money.
Lama Mazahreh , Staffing and OMD Supervisor, Pepsico
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